BES Utilities

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Company Description

BES Utilities is the name given to the independently-owned group of companies, comprising of Business Energy Solutions Ltd and BES Commercial Electricity Ltd. Our Head Office office manned by local employees based in Fleetwood, Lancashire and in 2018 we were proud to open a new customer contact centre in Cape Town, South Africa. We aim to provide gold plated customer service and a range of innovative products to businesses across the United Kingdom.

We aim to provide customers with a service which is fair, transparent, honest and professional, and we continue to invest heavily in our people, processes and systems to improve our customer engagement.

If you have cause to contact BES with a query or complaint then we want to resolve this quickly and, most importantly, to your satisfaction.

The Management team aims to develop and continue the brand and the offering and build trusted partnerships with commercial customers across the UK, now and in the near future.